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Your Invited to a Special Yoga With Sound Healing – June 18

Melissa’s Yoga With Sound Healing class will feature the amazing Kathleen Calby on June 18th.

Melissa will lead the class through a practice flow (suitable for all-levels) interspersed with Kathleen’s skill in the use of roughly a dozen singing bowls, chimes and gongs.  She uses antique metal bowls, crystal and gem crystal bowls.  Each has it’s own sound, resonance and characteristics. Kathleen is well known in the broader yoga community and has enhanced the experience of class, music & kirtan experiences in and around the region.


Students will be treated to the restorative sound and resonance of Kathleen’s beautiful healing sounds! This is a fantastic opportunity as Kathleen’s sound healing classes and workshops are generally available at a much higher cost. So, to have her as a guest at the studio is a wonderfull opportunity for everyone.  While we are not requiring a higher class fee, donations are encouraged as a gesture of gratitude for Kathleen’s skill, time and generosity.