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Class Descriptions

Double-Team Your Practice

Refine and advance your practice in this class taught by two favorite teachers at Lifesource Yoga in Akron.  Guaranteed adjusting and quality teaching will make this double-team approach both helpful and fun!


Protect the back by strengthening the core muscles of the abdomen and those muscles surrounding the spine.  This pilates class employs props to aid students in improving muscle tone, balance, and flexibility.  Join Debora for a fun hour of mindful pilates.

Integrated Yoga

This new class presents an assortment of yoga styles that are tailored to the abilities of the students present. It offers an opportunity to be introduced to many different types of yoga including hatha, slow flow, and vinyasa, with some yin and restorative poses to induce deep stretching and relaxation. The combination of breath with movement is highly encouraged, leading to a blissful state of mind. Come to this hour-long class before work, or just get a great start to your day!  No prior yoga experience necessary.

Pranayama and Meditation

Purify the body, mind, and intellect and make your respiratory system function more efficiently.  That is the benefit of pranayama- the conscious prolongation and retention of the breath.  Following guided breathing exercises, students will be encouraged to still the senses and make the mind calm and peaceful.

Power Yoga

This is a very challenging and cardio-intensive class that links breath and movement in a flowing sequence of postures to build internal heat. The room is hot to help relax and detoxify the body while establishing mental clarity, strength, and flexibility. Prior yoga experience is recommended.

Offsite Corporate Yoga

Lifesource Yoga will come to your site and conduct the class of your choice.  Bring wellness into your jobsite and witness the benefits to employees and your business.

Karma Kids Yoga

This children’s class, designed for ages 4-11, is fun and develops concentration, strength, confidence, and self-control! Yoga teaches children about their bodies and how to honor their uniqueness. Age appropriate yoga postures, movements, and relaxation techniques help to create supple, strong bodies that can adapt to the dynamics of life. Additionally, Karma Kids yoga stresses concentration and self-esteem, helping children make good choices in their lives. Each class ends with basic relaxation and a gentle foot message.

Introduction to Yoga

Do you want to begin yoga classes but are not sure where to start?  This class is designed for you.  Learn the breath, body positioning, alignment in common yoga poses, and physical and mental benefits of a safe and fun practice.  One does not have to be new to yoga to attend; this class is a great one for those who want to confirm that they are doing the poses correctly in more advanced and faster-moving classes.

Gentle Yoga

This class is designed for students who are new to yoga and for those who want a class that focuses on stretching and breathing exercises to open the mind and body. Students will learn basic asanas and how to align the body in a safe and beneficial manner while in the poses. This class is also excellent if you are returning to yoga after a hiatus or rehabbing from an injury and want to reintroduce yourself gently to yoga practice.

FREE Food Donation Community Class with LSY Teacher Trainee

These classes will be a mixture of different yoga styles and be led by teachers or teacher trainees. The teachers will rotate weekly.  Food and/or financial donations will go to the Akron-Canton Food Bank.

All-Levels Yoga

This All-Levels Hatha yoga class includes the relaxing and rejuvenating touch of massage.  This class is designed for persons with and without prior yoga experience.  Use the breath throughout this moderate level class to stretch, build heat, and then cool off in a relaxing sivasana.

Alignment-Based Yoga

This 90-minute class focuses on proper alignment and the physiology of classic yoga postures to make it strenuous and rewarding. Repetitive practice of asanas with modeling and instruction helps students understand correct positioning and the benefits of the postures. Inversions are a part of this class, with modifications offered for individual comfort. Yoga philosophy is included.

Yogi Pro Private

Customize your practice by scheduling a private class with your favorite teacher. This class will reflect your needs and desires and can range from gentle to learning more advanced postures. Your practice, your teacher, your timeframe… what more could you want?

Yin Yoga

This class will help stretch the deep connective tissues of the body in a way that a normal yoga flow cannot access. Postures will be held for several minutes with assistance from props as needed. Refine your postures while settling deeply into the meditative benefits of your practice.


This class is a 60-90 minute flow-based class that takes students through many Vinyasa sequences. A vigorous flow of postures set to build stamina, strength, and flexibility in a moderately-heated room. This class allows for variety but will always include Vinyasa sequences between asanas. In this class, students expect movement that is synchronized to the breath, often one breath, one movement. Prior yoga experience recommended.

Slow Flow with Massage

This is a mindfulness-based class that combines yoga and slow breathing into one class. It is a sequence of poses that includes Sun Salutation, standing poses, and floor postures. This class increases strength, flexibility, and balance in the body. Slow-flow uses breath awareness to train the mind to be still, intensely alert, and fully present. The teacher will use her massage training to assist students in releasing tight muscles and relaxing while in poses.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is a well-planned sequence of nurturing physical postures based on yoga that help heal the effects of chronic stress. The antidote to stress is relaxation. Resting deeply is the objective of restorative yoga. The body and mind must both relax and release stress for deep rest to be achieved. Props provide support for a trusted release. The restorative sequence is designed to move the spine in all directions. A well-sequenced practice also includes an inverted posture to reverse the effects of gravity. Restorative Yoga balances one’s energy, helping the practitioner relax by feeling neither overstimulated nor depleted.

Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga

Discover the physical and mental benefits of prenatal yoga during pregnancy and after giving birth. Learn the poses that are safe and good for your body and that of your developing child’s. Regardless of your trimester, practice a safe and rewarding series of asanas. Enjoy the final relaxation as an additional benefit. Increase calm and openness as you approach your new life.

Yoga Basics

An all-levels class taught with an emphasis on linking breath with movement. Yoga Basics awakens the joints and muscles and increases flexibility, strength, balance, and circulation. Learn proper positioning and alignment in this class as the poses are taught conscientiously. Hold poses for multiple breath cycles to allow muscles to release and extend. This class requires no prior experience; it offers experienced and new students a well-rounded yoga practice.