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Natural Healing

Cultivating good health in bodies and minds.


Lifesource Yoga is home to Holistic Nutrition Center.


Just like a garden, the body and mind require tending. We at the Holistic Nutrition Center believe that natrural healing and self-care are the keys to cultivating a quality life. Whether you’re looking to heal an injury, relieve the symptoms of illness, or simple explore dietary options for your body type, we can provide you with guidance and support.


We offer:

Homeopathic remedies

Weight loss programs

Dietary education programs


We also offer many other services to help improve the lives of our clients. Call Dr. Stacy to schedule a consultation or to ask questions at 440-653-0252. No problem is too big or too small.


Please visit our website here to learn more.


Meet the creator:


Stacy is the creator of the Holistic Nutrition Center, a center that helps her clients reclaim a healthy, energetic life.


Stacy has been in the alternative health field since 2006 and holds a doctorate in clinical nutrition. However, her relationship with nutrition and natural healing began during her undergraduate years: a semester-long Nutrition 101 course planted a seed that led her to change her perspective on food’s role in health and wellness.


When she and her husband started a family and health challenges arose, Stacy was drawn to alternative medicine. Through natural healing methods, she not only improved the health of her family, but she also found her passion and calling.


Stacy practices Total Body Analysis, homeopathy, kinesiology, medicinal herbs, and supplements. Her clients range from expectant mothers to young children and older adults. Stacy is also a certified yoga instructor at Lifesource Yoga.