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Shred Group With Stacy Cantlin, PhD

Shred Group

Saturday, April 28, 2018/4:00PM

There’s been some “shred” talk around the studio lately, and many of us are wondering what it’s all about.  To find out what the talk’s about, join us for a no cost opportunity to learn more about taking better care of your yourself, your eating habits, and your overall sense of health and wellness. Before deciding to join us, think about the following questions:

-Do you want a healthier weight or are you struggling to find your way to the BMI range?

-Trying to sleep better?

-Hoping to improve digestion?

-Looking to live with fewer cravings and increased energy?

-Trying to achieve better recovery from workouts?

If you’re leaning toward “yes” to any of these questions, mark your calendar for Saturday, April 28 @4:00PM for our first Shred Group meeting with Stacy Cantlin, PhD. You’ll learn more about a reasonable, effective and enjoyable (yes!) pathway toward healthier eating habits, and you will learn how to take better care of yourself through nutritious healthful eating habits without all the fuss and trends and pressures.

Stacy holds a PhD. in clinical nutrition and offers supportive, caring private consults to a host of clients at her office located within the Lifesource Yoga & Bodyworks studio. Stacy is also a mother of three, a wonderful yoga teacher (catch her Restorative Yoga & Yin Yoga classes at Lifesource), and an overall inspiration to many.