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Join us December 3rd for Urban Zen: Calm in the Chaos Workshop

We are thrilled to announce the first-ever Urban Zen Integrated Therapy workshop at Lifesource Yoga. Join longtime LSY friend and UZIT certified instructor Kelly Allen on Sunday, December 3rd (1:00-3:00PM) for this beautiful experience of informed self care, peace, comfort and restoration. Workshop is appropriate for nearly all students (ability to lower to the floor and rise up as well as ability to lay supine on floor are pre-requisites) and will feature Urban Zen teachings that blend gentle, mindful movement, restorative yoga, body scan techniques (for greater awareness and relaxation), breath practice (for calm and comfort), aromatherapy (for healing, peace, and sensory awareness) and Reiki to bring balance and harmony to every aspect of the energy body.
You’ll leave feeling relaxed, calm, restored, revitalized and with greater knowledge of appropriate and affirmative self-care. We live in a hectic and sometimes overwhelming society in which stress and anxiety are fairly common “visitors” and many of us are facing significant additional challenges such as illness, accident, loss/grief, or a host of other periodic stressors. So whether it’s a bad day, a bad job, the challenge of facing illness or injury, the suffering of grief or loss, this workshop will help you find calm in the chaos.