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Yoga 101: Fridays at 2 PM

IMG_5626Eager to begin experiencing the many benefits of yoga but unsure how to start? Tired of feeling discouraged or out of place in group yoga classes? If so, join us for Yoga 101 and learn to enjoy practice at a satisfying and realistic pace. Curriculum includes instruction in working toward proper alignment in basic poses, lessons on how to wisely use yoga props (blocks, chairs, straps, bolsters, etc.), introduction to the importance of breathing techniques in yoga practice, and a primer into the broader areas of an “8-limbed” path of yoga study & practice. We take it nice and slow in this class with a long term goal of building knowledge, confidence, strength and joy in the ancient and enriching practice of yoga!


Yoga 101 is open to students of all levels and is also helpful for those who’ve been practicing for a long time but need to spend some time reacquainting themselves with pose, prop and what it’s like to practice at a slow delicious pace.


Since Yoga 101 is taught with more individualized instruction, class size is limited. Pre-registration and 24 hour cancellation notice is not required, but much appreciated as a courtesy to any students who might be on a wait-list.

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From The Inside Out: An Afternoon of Yoga Practice, Insights & Inspiration With Diane Speer2:00 pm - 4:00 pm 55 Shiawassee Avenue, Suite 4, Fairlawn Marketplace, Akron, OH 44333